06 Sep, 2023

Updating a VPS Password via Command Prompt (CMD)

Administering a Virtual Private Server (VPS) encompasses various responsibilities, including securing system access. It is essential to change your VPS password regularly to uphold security and prevent unauthorized entry. This guide will lead you through the procedure of altering your VPS password using the Command Prompt (CMD) on a Windows system.

- Windows VPS with administrative access
- Remote access to your VPS (SSH or RDP)


1. **Connect to your VPS:**
   Utilize an SSH client or RDP to initiate a remote connection to your VPS. You'll require your VPS IP address, username, and password for this step.

2. **Open Command Prompt (CMD):**
   After establishing a connection, open the Command Prompt. You can achieve this by searching for “CMD” in the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key + R, typing “cmd” in the Run dialog box, and pressing Enter.

3. **Change the password:**
   Deploy the following command to modify your VPS password:
   net user administrator NewPassword
   Replace "NewPassword" with your chosen robust password.

4. **Verify the password change:**
   Confirm the successful password change by logging out and logging back in using the new password.

**Additional Considerations:**

- When selecting a new password, ensure its strength and complexity, avoiding easily guessable patterns or personal information.
- Regularly update your VPS password to sustain a high level of security.
- Consider employing a password manager for the secure generation and storage of strong passwords.

By adhering to these steps and incorporating security best practices, you can proficiently modify your VPS password through Command Prompt (CMD), fostering a secure environment for your virtual server.

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